About Us

Mystic Images is located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.
This is where the inspiration and creation of our line of
fine porcelain keepsakes begins.

Beautiful Woods

Our Mission

Our company begins with ideas of compassion, empathy and possibilities and creates beautiful artistic symbols of expression that can be shared with one another. It is our hope that in a world filled with challenges, difficulty and tragedy these symbols will serve as a reminder of the wonder and immeasurable love that exists in the most unexpected places.

“The Mystic Images family welcomes one and all to join us on our mission!”

“Within each of us lies the empowerment of unlimited possibilities. Each gesture of compassion and empathy is an expression of this empowerment. The sum of these gestures helps define who we are and ties us to the common thread of our humanity.”

Lynnette Kring
Founder of Mystic Images

About the Artist

Lynnette Kring, founder of Mystic Images, has been passionate about sculpture since she was a child. She turned the love of this art form into her life’s work in 1988. Since then she has developed her skill through working with various mediums such as wood carving and clay. She is currently creating fine porcelain designs. Many of her creations have been sought after and utilized by mold companies, businesses and organizations nationwide.

Each fine porcelain keepsake in her Mystic Images line comes accompanied with cards bearing inspirational messages written by herself and others. They make unique gifts for special occasions such as weddings, the birth of a baby, birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, Christmas and other holidays. The ornaments of remembrance offer heartfelt and touching messages and have been chosen by funeral homes, hospices and various grief support groups across the United States.

Lynnette resides in Northern Wisconsin with her family where she continues her mission to create art that touches the heart.